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February 18, 2009
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Shapes - Petals - 1 by resurgere Shapes - Petals - 1 by resurgere
:bulletblack: About This Package;
I was recently working on updating an old [DD winning] image of mine and I decided to share one of the central elements with you all. These are stylized flower petals from poppies, one of my favorite flowers, I used them to suggest the symbolism of that flower in a way I found interesting. There are 16 shapes in all, though some of these have two or three petals in a grouping.

For a look at these shapes in action, check out my Oblivion Tshirt design. And give it some luv while you are there :eyes:

The process of making these involved photographing poppies, then using them as clear reference for digitally painted versions which retained some of the perspective and visual 'correctness' of the photos yet with a stylized quality. The paintings were then drawn again as vector shapes, about a week long process to do it all so I thought they should be shared.

In photoshop these custom vector shapes are very much like Brushes but unlike brushes shapes can be rotated, resized, and distorted without any loss of clarity. In this case it is a must so that subtle rotations can be used to match the different petals into full flower shapes... In addition to the PS shapes file there is also an Adobe Illustrator formatted file of the petals in this download, this file has a 'backing' shape paired to every set of petals which can be helpful in creating a less abstract presentation. This file might be of interest to more advanced vector users... These should work with PS CS1 and above, the .ai file is AI 10.

I've used these not only as flowers but in some other work as masking elements when I was to lazy paint new masks but wanted the abstract flare of the sharp painterly look these have. So I think there are a lot of options for the creative user', hope you get some good use out of them too! Enjoy.

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Used one of them on my phone :) [link]
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Lovely package! thanks for sharing!
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Thank U

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HI, i used your shapes here: [link]

cool stuff :D
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I'd love to use one of the petals in my album cover art. Who do I talk to?
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yeah, nice pack +fav!
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I like it
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