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September 9, 2006
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Package - Nature - 15 by resurgere Package - Nature - 15 by resurgere
So ^nighty and ^dholms‘s recent awesome work in Painted Textures vol9 got me all fired up to release a new nature pkg and join in on the action, to keep the community love momentum rolling over all ya’all.

This package reenforces a general trend in the Nature series of an ever wider scope and larger subject. In this case photos of mountain tops, taken from mountain tops. A considerably wider view then even pkg thirteen. Enjoy,

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I used both a sky and a land scape but I think it seems more fitting to comment on this stock, considering it consists of a large portion of the photo.

Amazing Stock you guys have, you are all very talented and I would like to thank you as well as link my Deviation here

Departure Plan

thank you! Resurgere, you guys are amazing!
I used this stock, as well as that from Sky Pckg 6, here: [link] :heart:
aigha Aug 10, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Used one from this package over here, thank you very much!
Dread01 May 8, 2007  Student
This stuffs amazing, used some of this package [link]
Aleia Apr 17, 2007   Digital Artist
I used one of these here: I'll Rise
I love this whole set, its beautiful!

I used one of the mountain scapes for
Hi, I used your deaviantion here: [link]
I've used stock from this pack here [link]
Thank you very much :)
ApocalypseT Dec 5, 2006   Interface Designer
wow...its gorgeous!
i used this stock pic here. you cant really see it but still :D

<3 your stock. very useful + awesome :D :hug: :thanks:
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