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August 25, 2007
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Package - Cosmos - 2 by resurgere Package - Cosmos - 2 by resurgere
— About This Package;
"Seeing so many found the first cosmospack useful, here´s another one. More mixed bag than the first, but hopefully still useful in your artworks. All the photoelements used on some of the pieces are shot by `wroth, and used with his permission. "
- =Funerium

"Cosmos pkg 1 lit up the manip section like crazy, set the standard for space stock and opened the doors to space theme art to a lot of people. Making the Legion proud. This time =Funerium has gone out of his way to manip landscape and sky sections into some of the stock so that you get ready made stages stretching from the foreground to space. Of course there is plenty of raw space footage in here to add to what is in pkg 1 for those who would rather manip their own stages."
- =resurgere staff

— Related Stock;
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Cosmos Pkg 1

— Terms of Use!;
This stock is distributed under the Resurgere Stock License. As such, commercial use of this stock item is strictly forbidden, unless you have prior permission from the Resurgere Producer of the stock item. However, you are allowed to use Resurgere stock in your noncommercial projects.

Before using Resurgere stock you should be sure to read the the Resurgere Stock License until you fully understand it, this outlines all the terms of use for this stock. By downloading, storing, or using any stock or resources from Resurgere, you are accepting to be bound by the Resurgere Stock License.

If you have any questions, please look first to the Resurgere F.A.Q.. If you do not find answers there, then post your question on that page.

— Produced by;
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